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Metro Arts Begins Installation of Monumental Sculpture At The Fairgrounds Nashville

Metro Arts began installation of a bold, community-focused addition to Nashville’s Public Art Collection on Thursday, March 7. Located at The Fairgrounds Nashville, Loqui, designed by sculptor and public artist Blessing Hancock, is a monumental, 32 x 32 ft illuminated megaphone-shaped sculpture. It employs a sophisticated lighting system that will illuminate The Fairgrounds at night— enlivening the surrounding area with color patterns that play against the surface of the sculpture.

A 32-foot tall megaphone shaped sculpture lit in orange and yellow, with two individuals standing next to the image for scale.
Artistic rendering of Loqui, by artist Blessing Hancock

The work is a testament to Nashville’s rich storytelling history and culture. Loqui, meaning “to speak” in Latin, will invite public interaction and incorporate words from local community members into the sculpture.


One of the most purposeful statements I received during the community engagement process in Nashville was that ‘Above all, people here are kind to each other. We uplift one another and come together to help our neighbors out when they need it the most,’” said Hancock. “I aim to establish a meaningful expression of this sentiment and to convey The Fairground’s value as a nationally recognized entertainment venue, through the inclusion of this contemporary artwork.”

Blessing Hancock stands beneath a fabrication of Loqui, a large metal sculpture
The artist visiting Loqui at Gizmo's fabrication yard, San Francisco, C.A., May 2023 photo ©JoeySabatino

Blessing Hancock is a public artist creating monumental, site-specific sculptures. She has created more than 50 public and private sculptures internationally. This year, she is installing seven public art pieces across the United States, of which Loqui is her largest and most ambitious.


Loqui will offer the Fairgrounds and visitors a new way to live with art: a way in which art enriches the human experience and creates an atmosphere of participation, curiosity and connection to community,” Hancock said.


The Fairgrounds Nashville is located on 117 acres less than two miles south of downtown, and has evolved into a vibrant hub of culture, community engagement, and economic growth. The addition of Hancock’s Loqui to The Fairgrounds complex will be an important reflection of the community to all who visit.


Following an open call to artists in July 2019, the submission for Loqui was initially reviewed by a cohort of community panelists. Panelists then recommended Loqui to the Metro Arts Commission and was approved by the Commission in October 2019.  Work began in earnest in early 2020. The installation will culminate in a public unveiling and dedication in the summer of 2024. 


Councilmember Terry Vo represents District 17, where The Fairgrounds is located, and has been part of the conversation around Loqui since 2019.


Five years ago, I was entrusted with the responsibility of serving as one of the community panelists tasked with selecting Blessing Hancock to create the striking sculpture, Loqui, at The Fairgrounds Nashville,” said Vo. “I am looking forward to summer when the artwork will be completely installed and brought to life, illuminating our city day and night with the words and sentiments chosen by our fellow Nashvillians. This sculpture stands as a testament to our community’s collective voice, forging connections among us as neighbors and celebrating our shared identity.”


You can follow the creation and installation process of Loqui at Metro Arts’ social media channels and email newsletter.


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The addition of Hancock’s Loqui to The Fairgrounds complex will be an important reflection of the community to all who visit. geometry dash lite

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