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Metro Nashville’s Public Art Collection is made up of 178 permanent artworks located throughout Nashville-Davidson County. Artworks are publicly accessible and may be enjoyed at no charge. Using the public art map and individual artwork descriptions (click on any artwork image), you can explore Nashville public art in person at our city’s libraries, community centers, parks, office buildings, and along transportation routes. The entire collection may also be experienced online through our website, videos, blog, and educational resources. 


Through the artworks and the artists included in our collection, we strive to build a more inclusive and vibrant city that celebrates the city’s diversity, creative spirit, history, and future. We support a strong and vibrant professional artistic community, with a focus in the last ten years on local artists. Over 90% of the artists are Tennessee-based and 81% are Nashville residents. Their work represents visual arts in a range of media, styles, and techniques—a collective expression of what art can be!  


What kinds of artworks are in Metro’s Public Art Collection? 

  • Large-scale and iconic pieces like Light Meander and Stix in downtown Nashville 

  • Neighborhood-focused artworks such as Sky Lake at Smith Springs Community Center 

  • Reflective artworks like Emergence at Hartman Park, part of the Watermarks series created after the 2010 flood 

  • Fun and functional bike racks designed by local artists, such as Microphone at the Music Row Roundabout 

  • Wall-hung artworks by local artists at the Historic Courthouse, Metro Office Building, Lindsley Hall, and Metro Southeast, including Sam Dunson’s Domestic Relations at the Historic Courthouse 


In addition to visiting our existing Metro Public Art Collection, you can: 

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