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Guns + Butter Learning Lab Project, Lexander Bryant

FY2021 Annual Report (5).png

Reflecting the Culture of Nashville

Metro Arts seeks to improve core conditions in our community that make it easier for artists to create and live and for residents to integrate art into their daily lives. This dashboard shows impact from across our programs and investments.

See how Metro Arts' programs are driving a vibrant and equitable community through the arts!

Metro Arts FY21 Annual Report

Metro Arts FY20 Annual Report

Metro Arts FY19 Annual Report

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Crafting a Creative City

Art, culture and creativity reflect a city’s spirit and values—they are its pulse. Since its founding, arts and cultural participation have been central to Nashville’s history and economic livelihood. Metro Arts’ 5 year strategic plan seeks to:

  • Increase Resources in the Creative Ecosystem

  • Drive Equity/Inclusion in the Creative Ecosystem

  • Improve Community Creative Infrastructure and;

  • Lead by Example

In order to ensure that more Nashvillians have access to arts in their daily lives.


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Cultural Research

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