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David Dahlquist

Equity Resources and Readings

As part of our equity statement and strategy, Metro Arts is committed to frequent and ongoing, agency-wide honest conversations about race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age and income status. We make it our practice to pursue formal and informal regular cultural competence training and discussions with staff, board and volunteers. We’ve gathered some readings and resources here that we, as a staff, have found helpful and insightful. 


This list is ongoing, and it is meant to be a starting point for deeper research and reflection. As our partners at the Government Alliance on Race and Equity say, “Tools are not the work, but they help us do work.” 


If you have additional resources to suggest, please contact us at


Resources for Processing Trauma and Harm

If you are in crisis, please call the Tennessee Statewide Crisis Line at 55-CRISIS-1 (855-274-7471), a resource for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis.  All calls are routed to a trained crisis counselor in your area, who will provide you support and guidance, and work to connect you with appropriate community supports. This service is free.


Coping With Grief After Community Violence (free download; select “download” option on right)

Coping Tips for Traumatic Events and Disasters

Family­Care, Community­Care and Self­Care Tool Kit: Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma  

Coping with Traumatic Events

Racial Trauma, Resilience and Ally Resources

5 Self-Care Practices Black People Can Use While Coping With Trauma 

Racial Equity Tools: Addressing Trauma and Healing

CDC: Racism and Health

Metro Nashville Resource List of Behavioral Health and Wellness Services


Antiracism and Equity Resources for Your Arts Agency, Organization or Artistic Practice

Racial Equity Tools: Arts and Culture

Titus Kaphar: Can Art Amend History?

Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Future for Theatre for Young Audiences

Let’s Be Real: These Programs Won’t End Racism at Your Theatre

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

Louder than Words: Disrupting Philanthropy to Create Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Funding 

Government Alliance on Race and Equity, “Racial Equity: Getting to Results”

Government Alliance on Race and Equity, “Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize Equity

Arts & Equity Toolkit


Resources for Understanding and Combating Racism and Hate in the Wider World

Southern Poverty Law Center, “Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

Sign Up for Bystander Intervention Training

Report an Anti-AAPI Hate Incident

Explore Anti-Asian Violence Resources 

Toolkit for Interrupting Oppression 

Baratunde Thurston, “How to Deconstruct Racism, One Headline at a Time

Core Concepts: System of White Supremacy andWhite Privilege

CDC: The Impact of Racism on Our Nation’s Health

Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism

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