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The Metro Nashville Arts Commission is appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Metro Council. This 15-member board oversees Metro Arts' strategic work outlined in the charter. View the Bylaws of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission.

Visit our Commission page on for notices of public meetings, meeting agendas and meeting minutes. Sign up here for email notifications of Arts Commission meetings.


  • Ellen Angelico, Chair

  • Leah Dupree Love, Vice Chair

  • Diana Perez, Secretary

  • Darek Ball

  • Rev. Dexter Brewer

  • Sheri Nichols Bucy

  • Marianne Byrd

  • Will Cheek

  • Clarence Ëdward

  • Janet Kurtz

  • Hon. Carol McCoy

  • Paul Polycarpou

  • Jim Schmidt

  • Campbell West


2023 Committee Roster


Advocacy Committee

  • Will Cheek, Chair​

  • Jim Schmidt, Vice Chair​

  • Darek Ball

  • Rev. Dexter Brewer​

  • Marianne Byrd​

  • Janet Kurtz

  • Leah Dupree Love

  • Diana Perez​

  • Community Member​s

    • Bonnie J. Dow


Committee for Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE)

Equity Statement and CARE Guidelines

  • Ellen Angelico, Chair

  • Rev. Dexter Brewer, Vice Chair

  • Diana Perez

  • Community/Non-Commission Members        

    • Ellen Gilbert

    • Teree McCormick

    • Jon Royal​

    • Fathiyah Shepard-Suso 

Executive Committee

  • Ellen Angelico, Chair​

  • Rev. Dexter Brewer, Secretary​

  • Campbell West

  • Jim Schmidt, Immediate Past Chair, ex-officio

  • Daniel Singh, Executive Director, ex-officio (non-voting)

Grants and Funding Committee

Grants Process and Guidelines

  • Sheri Nichols Bucy, Chair

  • Marianne Byrd, Vice Chair

  • Clarence Ëdward

  • Hon. Carol McCoy

Nominating Committee

  • Jim Schmidt, Chair

  • Ellen Angelico, Vice Chair

  • Rev. Dexter Brewer

Public Art Committee (PAC)

Public Art Guidelines and Community Investment Plan    

  • Campbell West, Chair

  • Paul Polycarpou, Vice Chair

  • Community/Non-Commission Members:​​

    • Sara Lee Burd                             

    • Shaun Giles 

    • Stacey Irvin 

    • Dr. Cara Robinson

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