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July 7th Virtual Session for Operating Grant & Thrive Applicants

Metro Arts is preparing to allocate funding awards for Fiscal Year 2024. Thank you, again, for your patience as we work towards an equitable solution for the funding allocations.   In alignment with a commitment to transparency, we're sharing all of the information surrounding possible grants allocations being brought to the Grants and Funding Committee and the Metro Arts Commission.  



  • PDF document with multiple scenarios for funding allocations. 

  • A video recap of the document and next steps with the Grants & Funding Committee and Metro Arts Commission.

  • Register here to attend a virtual session on Friday, July 7, 11:30AM-12:30PM to (1) answer any clarifying questions, and (2) receive requests for other scenarios not listed in the document that will be prepared for the Grants Committee and Full Commission. 

  • The 7/7 virtual session will be recorded and shared for anyone unable to attend. If you have ideas for additional scenarios and cannot attend on the 7th, please complete this form by July 7 at 12:30PM. 

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