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Restorative Arts Partners Kick Off Programming for FY2022

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Metro Arts' Restorative Arts program, a partnership with Judge Sheila Calloway and the Nashville-Davidson County Juvenile Court, funds high-quality programming from arts organizations working with youth and their families in different stages of involvement with the court system: intervention, diversion, detention, probation, and family and community support.

Last year, amidst the challenges of virtual instruction and Juvenile Detention Center COVID protocols, five Restorative Arts provider organizations delivered 270.5 hours of arts-based programs to 53 youth, 17 Metro teachers, and 5 Juvenile Court staff. Participants created songs, beats, crafts, books and paintings, and studied the plays of August Wilson.

At the request of Juvenile Court, this year’s Restorative Arts programs reflect increased intentional programming with youth in diversion — attempting to reach youth before they reach the point of detention — including prevention programs with alternative schools and diversion-centered organizations. Providers will also continue their work with youth inside the Juvenile Detention Center. All programs will maintain a continued focus on restorative practice integration, based on nurturing, building, repairing and improving relationships and community.

Image credit: Lean Leta via Canva.

FY22 Restorative Arts Providers and their Programs

Category: Instruction and Mentorship, Probation

Artistic Genres: Theatre, dance, writing, visual art

Working with: the Gang Resistance Intervention Program (GRIP) of the Davidson County Juvenile Court System

TPAC will offer weekly sessions for youth and probation officers to participate together in collaborative, discussion-based classes that explore community building, encourage self-reflection on identity, and culminates in the production of a final work of art.​

Provider: Oasis Center

Category: Instruction and Mentorship, Diversion and Probation

Artistic Genres: Visual art, social practice art, public art

Working with: youth in diversion via referrals

Youth enrolled in Oasis Center's "Creating Justice" fall and spring programs will focus on self-exploration, community-building, and art-based career pathways, and each cohort will ultimately create a mural, resulting in two murals at Riddim N Spice on Meharry Blvd in North Nashville.

Image credit: Sisoje from Getty Images via Canva.

Categories: Instruction and Mentorship, Juvenile Detention Center

Instruction and Mentorship, Diversion and Prevention

Family and Community Partnership

Artistic Genres: Dance; folk and traditional crafts, world percussion, world dance; literary arts; music; theater; visual art

Global Education will bring their substantial curriculum of world dance, folk art, mentorship and more to youth in detention and in diversion programs at Hillsboro and Bass high schools, as well as holding classes and community time for families of court-involved youth.

Category: Instruction and Mentorship, Diversion and Prevention

Artistic Genres: Theatre, literary arts, performance art

Working with: youth at Johnson Alternative Learning Center

The Rep will facilitate three 9-week courses at Johnson Alternative Learning Center in a three-phased approach that focuses on trust building, exploration of stereotypes and societal assumptions, the use of storytelling, as well as scene rehearsal and performance. ​The program culminates in a final performance and visit to the Rep.

Image credit: Brett Sayles via Canva.

Provider: Southern Word

Category: Instruction and Mentorship, Juvenile Detention Center

Artistic Genres: Rap, hip-hop, R&B, spoken word, creative writing, poetry

Southern Word will conduct two extended programs with youth in detention: “Heroes for Hire,” a writing a discussion program centering on identity and values, and “Mic Check,” focusing on audio production and artistic presentation for self-reflection.

Category: Instruction and Mentorship, Juvenile Detention Center

Artistic Genres: Music and music technology

Using their Music for LIFE Mobile Studio, From the Heart will bring their “Music Production Studio” and “Instrument Groove” classes to the JDC two days a week, focusing on collaboration, teamwork, respect and support through the songwriting and music production process.


Learn more about Metro Arts’ Restorative Arts programs at

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