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Metro Arts Spring Listening Sessions

At Metro Arts, we are committed to valuing community voices, needs, and aspirations as a driving force for change. We strive to ensure that all Nashvillians have access to direct programs in all forms of arts and culture.


As a next step in moving forward programmatic improvements, we are holding three Listening Sessions:


  • Monday, April 24, 5-7PM, East Park Community Center (includes dinner)

  • Tuesday, April 25, 12-2PM, East Park Community Center (includes lunch)

  • Wednesday, May 3, 10-11AM, Virtual








At these sessions, we’d like to hear from you about your experiences, specifically related to funding and disparity. We want to better understand the barriers to participation and hear your recommendations. Our research partner, RISE Research & Evaluation will be present in the space to gather narratives from organizations and artists that have been marginalized. 


Artists, arts organizations, arts administrators, educators, youth, or anyone who wants to share their experience as part of Nashville's arts ecosystem.

Deadline extended! Please RSVP here by Sunday, April 23rd.

Questions? Contact Chuck Beard at


***These sessions will focus on community recommendations for improving overall grant and funding processes going forward, as well as what the needs of the community are. If you have individual questions about applying for existing opportunities, please visit our Grants + Thrive page or email

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