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Artist: Lawrence Argent Location: Shelby Park, Shelby Ave at S. 20th Installed fall of 2012, Reflection is located in East Nashville’s Shelby Park. Refection explores Shelby Park’s past, present and future through playful metaphors of reflection. Referencing the former amusement park and the expansive wildlife, specifically the mockingbird, it is within the sculpture’s materials and form that these whimsical reflections come together. The mirrored quality of the mockingbird parallels its natural “mimicking” qualities, while reflecting a new vista within the park. The bird perched, trophy like, is positioned on a piece of carved granite, reflecting the negative of the opposing wall. The opposing wall is carved with a swirling motion that terminates into a hole suggesting curiosity and passage. Reflection Wins National Award Reflection was selected by the Americans for the Arts 2012 Public Art Network's Year in Review as one of the top 50 public art projects of 2012. Reflection
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