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Artist: Paul Vexler Location: 5260 Hickory Hollow Parkway Installed July of 2014, From the Four Corners is located in the lobby of the Southeast Library and Community Center at the Commons at the Crossings campus. The large sculpture was hand crafted by artist Paul Vexler in his home studio in Snohomish, WA. The design for the public artwork was heavily influenced by the communities surrounding the library and community center. Vexler describes From the Four Corners as, “a sculptural metaphor celebrating a rich diverse community.” Suspended from the ceiling in the central lobby area, four different wood species and brightly colored plastic laminate are shaped into curling, spiraling strips and intertwined into a loose knot in the center of the sculpture. Each of the four wood pieces stretches from the center knot into to a different corner of the lobby space. From the Four Corners
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